The National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC) in collaboration with Peace Actors in Rwanda will be joining the rest of the world to observe the International Day of Peace on 21st September 2020, under the theme: “Shaping Peace together/Dufatanije twubake amahoro.”

The International day of peace was established in 1981 by the UN General Assembly to commemorate and strengthen the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and people. Rwanda officially started celebrating the International day of peace in 2011.

Due to the existing measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing, this year’s celebrations will be organized through different print, broadcast, online and social media platforms on 18th September, a TV and radio live talk show on RBA on 20th September and an online webinar on 21st September. All dialogues will attract the participation of young people, since youth need to be at the forefront of promoting peace.

“Just like national unity and reconciliation, building lasting peace requires holistic interventions and strong partnerships from all actors in the government, CSOs, private sector and all citizens, especially youth. The Commission is committed to work with partners to equip youth with the skills and capacity to fight against genocide and its ideology, so that we ensure peace and stability for our country.”

“We prioritize youth in our all our activities and initiatives. We believe that in a bid to advance youth inclusion in peace building processes, they need to be seen as allies for good rather than threats to contain. We are committed to continue working with youth, give them platforms and equip them with the necessary skills.  If supported, youth can shape peace together.  Dr. Nkurunziza Joseph Ryarasa - Executive Director at Never Again Rwanda

Youth are encouraged to always embrace the culture of peace in their families, schools, workplaces, and their respective communities, for sustainable development of our Country.

NURC lauds varied government institutions, peace actors and all Rwandan citizens for their continued role and commitment to promoting peace, unity, and reconciliation.