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Unity and reconciliation is foundation of all progress in any country say the delegation from Kenya who visited NURC.

Tuesday 11th December, this year, the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC) received more than 30 visitors from neighbor country of Kenya. These visitors are Pastors and lay fellows from Anglican Nakuru Diocese. They come to visit Rwanda for purpose of learning the achievement of Rwanda in different sectors such as Uniting and reconciling Rwandans.

This delegation was received by the Executive Secretary of the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission Dr. Habyalimana Jean Baptiste. They have informed on the progress and achievement of reconciliation process in Rwanda. The executive Secretary told them that the political will in Rwanda is the foundation of all achievements in Unity and Reconciliation progress in Rwanda.

As churches leaders, as they underlined during the discussion, they have a great role in reconciling people, especially for their country which also characterized by conflict and massacre after the presidential election of 2007. These guests visited also Kigali Memorial genocide and Nyamata area, but they said that even if Rwanda was destroyed during genocide but actually they were encouraged to see how Rwanda is progressing and developing quickly, for them uniting people and reconciling them is the foundation of all development and Progress.

Mukiza B. Charle

Delegation from Kenya say that they were encouraged a lot for the progress made in Rwanda especially in uniting and reconciling people after genocide of 1994 in Rwanda.
Most of the questions asked by the visitors during the discussion were focused on how Rwanda happen to reconcile Rwandans.