Home Grown Approaches

INGANDO: (solidarity camps):

A civic education activity that has facilitated the smooth reintegration of former returnees, X-FAR, provisionally released prisoners back to their communities. Target group include   Women, Youth groups, students joining university and local leaders.

INGANDO provide forums to Rwandans to come to terms with their past by facing history, forging a common vision for a united future.


This is also a homegrown initiative inspired by the Rwandan culture that was formerly a traditional Rwandan school to instill moral values of integrity, and capacity to deal with ones problems.

Itorero ry'Igihugu has today been revived to promote values of unity, truth, culture of hard work and avoiding attitudes and mindsets that deter development all  aimed at speeding up the  attainment of Vision 2020, MDGS and EDPRS.


A traditional Rwandan restorative justice which has been revived to deal with a backlog of genocide cases. Gacaca judges known as Inyangamugayo are elected on the basis of integrity.


Community reconcilers who resolve day to day conflicts before refer in them to Courts.


A traditional community support to both individual and  national cause has been revived in the interest of national reconstruction. This support comes in form of general cleaning, tree planting, road works, building houses for vulnerable groups, construction of schools, health centers etc.

GIRINKA : (one cow per poor family)

In the Rwandan culture, cows have a special place as a symbol of wealth, love and unity.

This program initiated by President Paul KAGAME aims at ending malnutrition, poverty and strengthening social cohesion.